About us


With a high level of expertise and a decades-long history in the production of dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, Igactive has focused on the development and production of truly advanced products, whose formulas include ready-made, naturally-derived active ingredients to offer our consumers a physiological benefit more superior to one that is purely nutritional in nature.



From raw materials to the finished product, Igactive applies a comprehensive quality system and a series of tests that ensure the supply of safe, effective and reliable products that will exceed consumer expectations every time.  Aside from the implementation of a global-standard ISO 9001 certified quality system, we maintain our quality assurances as a matter of ethics, reinforcing our commitment as an organization to make the right choices, every time, without compromise.


Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies

By closely monitoring developments in technology and adopting the most advanced solutions, year after year, we optimize our production process and increase our productivity. So today, more than ever, we are able to offer truly high-quality products at affordable prices.


As close to nature as possible

We are dedicated to manufacturing our products to be as close as possible to nature. We ensure that the natural ingredients in our products are undergo the minimal level of processing, so as to maintain their efficacy and remain as far as possible in their natural form. We avoid the use of preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, artificial colors and fragrances where possible. We carefully consider every parameter so that our products are “absolutely right”.


Our goal

Our goal was set thirty years ago and remains unchanged; “to create innovative, highly potent and efficient products that cover nutritional deficiencies, provide solutions to problems, and contribute positively to people’s health”. We continue…